The Voice of Affirmation, the Voice of Trust

Well, we did it. First Baptist Church thought about an idea. We prayed about a vision. We talked about it for weeks, and then we made a decision together without factions and without experiencing hurtful dissent and division.

For those of you who weren’t here last Sunday, First Baptist Church adopted with a supermajority (83% +) all three recommendations that came from the Church Council and the What’s Next Team. Here is a review of those recommendations:

First, we adopted with 96% affirmation, a new mission statement (Loving God, Loving Others) as well as a new vision statement and Five Ministry Priorities.
Second, we decided with 88% affirmation that major renovation of the current facility should no longer be considered an option.

Third, we decided with an 83% supermajority, that we advance the future of First Baptist Church by relocation of ministries to a property that fulfills the greatest outreach potential.
Some have asked the question “how do our staff and pastors feel about this?” As Staff, we have tried to lead without manipulation or coercion, so our own opinions have been largely kept to ourselves. At this point, let me assure you that your ministry staff is 100% and enthusiastically in support of these recommendations and the resultant decisions.

We are so excited to be on this journey with you and although this action will mean LOTS of work, extra hours and ultimately some discomfort, we are thrilled. It will be our joy to pour our energies with you into this vision that we share of the future.

For those of us who were not in favor of at least one of the recommendations, we understand your possible disappointment – and prayerfully hope that you will be able to join in the direction that First Baptist has decisively chosen to take.
I’m thankful for your voice of affirmation and trust.

Pastor Warren