Letting Go of Control by Pastor Vic Lehman

What do you fear the most? Getting on an airplane? Being laughed at, at school or work? That as we age we will outlive our peers and no one will show up at our funeral? That if I risk loving someone, they may not love me back?

Fear seems to touch all generations and, in most cases, has a lot to do with letting go of control. In reality, we simply cannot control a lot of what life brings our way, especially from other people, as the above list of fears shows. Add to this list the helpless fear of loss, of struggling with a loved one in the dying process, of coping during the holidays without that loved one there--all involving elements that we cannot control. There is little hope in maintaining a facade of control in these situations. Yet many of us simply refuse to let go of control.

 Have we figured out yet, that thinking we have things tightly under control is an illusion? That it leads to a dead end street of hopelessness? There is only one who actually is in control; only God, and we are not him. Only God’s control can bring a true glimmer of hope into our fearful situations and we will need to loosen up our control in favor of his, for hope to blossom over fear.

 So, can we come to the place where we trust God with our fears; our vulnerabilities? Can we trust God with our losses, especially of dear loved ones? Or are we going to remain in a facade of control, that stiff upper lip, forcing ourselves to go stoically through the holidays, remaining firmly “in control?”

 We can do that, eliminating emotion from our experiences, or we can let go of control and live out our true feelings fully and experience the beginning of healing. So which will it be for us this Thanksgiving and Christmas season? Artificial control or letting go and letting God? Only going God’s way will produce lasting hope and healing over fear.

 Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit (Romans 15:13 NASB).