Living Memories

Memories are those precious “pictures” that outlive us as a person. They stem from the experiences created around the adventures we encounter in life, and the way we choose to interact with them, as well as those involved in them with us. These lasting memories may be good, or bad, depending on how we handled these life experiences. Through God’s grace and forgiveness, we can build healthy memories of each experience. As memories that live on, they become a legacy that we leave behind. What living memory legacy are we building?

In the December 6 morning services, we will take a few moments to remember and honor in pictures those from our church family who have passed away in 2015. Then at the 3:00 PM Memory Service that same Sunday, you will have an opportunity to share some of your living memories of these individuals, plus other loved ones your are remembering this Advent season. For the memory service it would really help if you brought a picture or other symbolic reminder of that individual, and then briefly share a memory of them. What living memory of them still touches your life?

This Memory Service is for you, to come and build one more living memory of your loved one, no matter when they died, 2015 or earlier. We look forward to sharing this time of building living memories together with you.

Rev. Vic Lehman, Associate Pastor of Congregational Care