A Successful Launch

To launch something is to propel it or get it going, usually from a standing position. You can launch a rocket, a career, a product or as we will do today, launch a season of ministry. Either way, we’re getting something off the ground.

Launches require extensive planning – when the solid fuel boosters ignite to deploy the energy required to get a rocket off the ground, that moment of firing had many engineers and planners working for months, even years. I assure you that there has been an entire team of FBC staff and friends who have engaged in dreaming and detail planning to make this a special day in worship and fellowship and play.

Launches also require a clear mission – as we are propelled into this fall season, the mission focus will be Spiritual Formation. The theme this fall is “Running with the Horses” and is taken from the prophet Jeremiah: "If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses?” Jeremiah 12:5. For the coming months, we will spend time examining the way in which the Spirit of God conforms and energizes our lives into the image of Christ.

Launches also require movement – sometimes from a standing position. First Baptist Church desires you to move with us as we Love God and Love Others. Move in service, move in worship, move in fellowship. Maybe you’ve been inactive for a while, or perhaps you’ve been gone for the summer – welcome home! We are excited to Launch this season with you on board.

Pastor Warren and the Launch Team