A Call to Prayer

Do you know the first words of the Lord’s Prayer?  …_______________?

Wrong. Our Father is how the prayer starts but in the context, the first words are “then Jesus taught them how to pray”.

One Student Ministry joined with other ABCD students and youth pastors from all over the state for winter camp at Lake Poinsett in Arlington.  Joel Fredrickson (Point), Bob Weiss (Watertown), Dave Klass (Aberdeen), Melissa Fletcher (Dell Rapids), along with fellow youth pastors Adam & Ryan gave winter camp a new look this year.

It was an amazing time! We called it “E-Break”.  Like an Emergency brake, but this one for student’s lives that are moving too fast.  About 50 of us joined together in a camp like setting, and the cold weather even forged better relationships as we studied the Lord’s Prayer and stayed indoors.  We even took a break from our cell phones and were intentionally present with each other. What a gift!

We tried different types of prayer.  We talked about how silence, music, making a list, focusing on a word, writing, art, creating, being, stopping something, celebrating, coloring, enjoying, singing, walking, eating together, praising, forgiving…. Are ALL types of prayer!  Really anything can be, if you let it.  It is about letting your heart be in tune with Gods.  It was powerful.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 says “pray continually”.  In other words, it’s like that dude Journey said, “Don’t stop praying!”  The word Amen is often used as “The End” but really it means “I agree”.  And if you agree, we invite you to join our youth and pull the E-Break on our lives this Lenten season; maybe it’s time to switch the routine, try something new or different, and let Jesus teach us how to pray.

Amen! To get us going…Take a sheet of paper, write out each letter from A to Z, then think of a name or describing word for God for each letter.  Jesus’ prayer starts with praising his Father, whose Name is mighty! It will be A-mazing!